KANNASTÖR SOLID TOP 4PC - BLACK 1.5", 2.2", 2.5"


  • C$51.99


Kannastör Grinders are made from 60/61 hardened aluminum to ensure maximum durability and performance for as long as you own your grinder.

All Kannastör Grinders are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects, including broken teeth for any reason.

All Kannastör aluminum parts are chemically bathed and anodized, then closely inspected to eliminate any potential impurities. When it comes to your health and safety, Kannastör is a brand you can trust.

Kannastör has always been known as the top quality grinder identifiable by it's trademark silver body and black top. Kannastör's team of engineers and designers are constantly working to ensure their grinders perform at the highest possible level.

Each new design and feature goes through a series of strength, functionality, and performance testing before it finally goes into production. All customer feedback is recorded and immediately passed along to their engineers for consideration in new designs.

Each Kannastör Grinder is inspected by hand to ensure you receive our highest quality - Guaranteed!

  • Style: Solid Top
  • Size: 1.5", 2.2", 2.5"
  • Finish: Aluminum
  • Piece: 4 Piece
  • Colors: Black
  • Comes with Carrying Sack and Pick

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