Migvapor Sub-Herb - Atomizer


  • C$44.99

Migvapor Sub-Herb Hybrid Atomizer (Dry Herb & Wax)

Ever thought of occasionally switching from your regular e-juice sub-ohm tank to a sub-herb tank that doesn't just burn your herb but actually heats it up to a perfect vaporizing point so that you enjoy the full flavour of your blend? Look no further because MigVapor just introduced a brilliant Sub-Herb Tank that can function with your current sub-ohm vaping gear.

Sub-Herb's recommended Setting is between 17-27W, but best at around 20W. Stir between or during session for the best vaping experience.

Although this is hybrid vaporizer (dry herb & concentrate), its best outcome is with dry herb use. Do not chain vape and take a break between session to avoid combustion.

This is Atomizer only product. Battery Mod need to be purchased separately if you don't have already. Check out "Battery Mod" Category here!

Features and Specs

  • Gold Plated 510 Connector
  • Weight 78.3g


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