Mystiq Mint Iced by Flavour Beast ('Stlth' Compatible Vape Pod)

Mystiq Mint Iced by Flavour Beast ('Stlth' Compatible Vape Pod)

Flavour Beast Pod

  • C$17.70

Flavour Profile

  • Mysterious Mint

I f your taste buds are in for a mysterious treat, don’t sit out on this fascinating mint flavour that is both aromatic and extremely cooling!

Flavour Beast Pods ("Stlth" Compatible, Closed Pod System Vape)

15 flavours to choose from, Flavour Beast Pods brings its phenomenally flavours. Flavour Beast Pods are S Compatible Style Pods.

  • Each pack contains 3 pod cartridges
  • 2.0 mL of E-liquid per cartridge
  • Available in 20mg/mL

Flavour Beast Pods

Here comes the Flavour Beast Pods!

Engineered freshness seal for quick wicking and keeping it fresh! For them savage vapers out there with a taste for anything sweet, the Flavour Beast Pods has been perfectly curated with powerful mesh coil for a full and robust vape.

Phenomenally delightful flavours. Taste greatness till the very last drop. Real talk. 

Go ahead, unleash the beast. We did.

Flavour Beast Pod Flavour List

Stlth Compatible Closed Pod System Vape

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