Silky Mango by Kraze HD 2.0 (9000 Puff) 15mL - Disposable Vape

Silky Mango by Kraze HD 2.0 (9000 Puff) 15mL - Disposable Vape

Kraze 2.0 HD 9K

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  • Silky Mango

Smooth luscious mango surge with their signature flavours, creating a silky succulent delight.

KRAZE HD 2.0 9000 Puff Disposable Vape

KRAZE 9K Disposable Vape.

Discover the Kraze HD 2.0 - showcasing an expansive HD TFT screen for clear battery and e-liquid level displays. With VPU Coil Technology, it boasts a 23.7% vapor production boost. Stand out with dynamic puff animations, customizable airflow, and a range of incredible flavours. The Kraze HD 2.0 delivers up to 9000 satisfying puffs for a high-performance vaping experience.

Each KRAZE HD 7K Disposable Vape Includes:

  1. Available in 20mg
  2. Up to 9000 Puffs Per Device
  3. 15ml Per Device
  4. Integrated 650mAh Battery
  5. Incredible Sweet Flavour
  6. VPU coil technology for 23.7% more clouds
  7. Rechargeable (Type-C) 
  8. Adjustable Air-Flow Control
  9. E-liquid indicator & Battery Indicator
  10. Vaping & Charging Animation

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