Strawberry Mango Z Pods by Z Lab ('S' Compatible)

Z Lab

  • C$14.99


  • Strawberry Mango

A fusion of strawberry along with ripe juicy mango.

Z Pods (Z Lab, "Stlth" Compatible)

Over 20 flavours to choose from, Z Labs brings its phenomenally successful Ziip Pods, known as Z-Pods, in S Compatible Style Pods.


    1. Nicotine Strength: 20mg, Supreme Nic Blend
    2. Liquid Volume: 2.0ml Per Pod
    3. Each Pack: 3 x Pods

    The supreme nicotine blend pods are a mixture of a salt nic and freebase e-liquid to pack a powerful extra throat hit similar to 50mg even at a lowly 20mg strength.

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