Two Apple by AL FAKHER 10K (10000 Puff) 18mL - Disposable Vape

Al Fakher Crown Bar 10K

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  • Two Apple

Al Fakher 10K Disposable Vape

AL Fakher’s Crown Bar presents the tantalizing Two Apple flavour, delivering a delightful fusion of crisp green and succulent red apples. Immerse yourself in the rich, sweet aroma and the refreshing taste of this classic blend, crafted to perfection for an indulgent vaping experience.

Each Al Fakher 10K Disposable Vape Includes:

  1. Available in 20mg
  2. Up to 10000 Puffs Per Device
  3. 18ml Per Device
  4. Integrated 600mAh Battery
  5. Rechargeable (Type-C) - Not Included

What is Vape Tax? 

Excise Duty of Vaping Product

Government of Canada 

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