Zeus Temple


  • C$49.99

Zeus Accessory

Temple from Zeus

The ZEUS Temple Herb Box is an exquisitely crafted storage system designed to extract the moisture from your botanicals. Bone dry botanical is ideal for optimum vaporizing efficiency, to achieve not only dense vapor but also to save on the battery life of portable vaporizers.

The ZEUS Temple is made from 100% Grade A Mahogany Tree, with an organic wood lining and premium black gloss exterior finish. Eight layers of high gloss ensures a scratch-proof exterior.

The ZEUS Temple is made up of three parts, offering two levels of division. Both levels are sealed with 20 powerful magnets that ensures a strong closure, but light opening. The top level is divided into two sections that allows for the partition of different botanical types. A delicate screen separates the top and bottom levels, the bottom of which gathers valuable dust on a pure glass catcher.

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