Excise Duty on Vaping Product - Vape Tax

October 1st, 2022, the government imposed a federal excise tax on all vaping substances, increasing their price.

This excise rate is set at $1 per 2 mL of substance in each container up to 10 mL, plus $1 per 10 mL of liquid above that. 

For a package containing 2 pods, with each pod containing 1.9 mL of vaping liquid, there will be a $2 vaping duty.

While a 30 mL bottle of vaping liquid will have a $7 vaping duty ($5 for the first 10 mL plus $2 for the next 20 mL.

Non-stamped vape products continued to be sold at original price (pre-taxed) until Dec 31, 2022 while stocks last. Starting Jan 1st, 2023, only stamped products, vape taxed products will be available.

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