How to Place a Local Delivery Order

Having trouble figuring out how to place a Local Delivery Order? Let us walk you through the steps!

  1. Add the items you want to purchase into your shopping cart.
  2. Once you're set, go to your Cart - located in the top right corner. 
  3. Select "Checkout". 
  4. Set your Delivery Method as "Ship". 
  5. Fill out your shipping information.
  6. Select "Continue to Shipping". 
  7. If you are eligible for Local Delivery, you will see the Local Delivery option. It should look like this:
  8. Select "Continue to Payment"
  9. Fill out your selected method of payment & you are done!


Local Delivery FAQ

I've followed all the steps but I can't seem to get the option for Local Delivery, what should I do?

Please make sure all the products you've chosen are from your location. For Ottawa deliveries, choose products only from Vapingstory & Smoke. For Hamilton deliveries, choose products only from Vape on King.

Please check inventory level according to your city. Ottawa / Hamilton. If you are placing an order from Hamilton, and Hamilton location does not have enough inventory, it will not show local delivery option. 

If this doesn't solve your problem, try to clear your browsing history or cache. or give us a call. 

  • Ottawa: 613 230 4398
  • Hamilton: 905 777 1130

You can also try inputting the address you would like your product(s) delivered as a "new address" and try again:

For further assistance, call us at (613) 230-4398 (Ottawa) or (905) 777-1130 (Hamilton).

If I want to receive same-day delivery, when should I order?

To get same-day delivery, please place your order before 5:30pm. If you end up ordering after, give us a call and we can still try to fulfill it.

I have placed my delivery order. When should I expect it to arrive?

Delivery orders will be fulfilled from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

I've already ordered but would like to add another product, is that possible?

Yes! Give us a call at (613) 230-4398 (Ottawa) or (905) 777-1130 (Hamilton), and we will do our best to fulfill your request.


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