Blueberry Ice Pod by Elfbar Lowit 2500 - Closed Vape Pod System

Blueberry Ice Pod by Elfbar Lowit 2500 - Closed Vape Pod System

Elfbar Lowit 2500

  • C$18.99


  • Blueberry Ice

*A LOWIT battery device is needed to work with all the Lowit pre-filled pods.


  1. Nicotine Strength: 20mg
  2. Liquid Volume: 8.0ml Per Pod
  3. Mesh coil for good bursting flavour
  4. Size: 50*40*20mm
  5. Each Pack: 1 x Pods


  1. The one and first 'box-like' prefilled pod starter kit you ever have
  2. Mesh coil for the pure and original taste  
  3. Easy to tell the battery volume by three different colors of LED indicators  
  4. 8ml prefilled pod
  5. Type-C charging port design to save every drop of e-liquid 
  6. Multiple flavors, various experiences

LOWIT(Closed Pod System Vape)

Introducing the ELFBAR LOWIT 2500 Puffs Prefilled Pods, featuring 8mL e-liquid capacity, advanced mesh coil technology, and available in 20mg/mL nicotine strength.

From the makers of the very popular ELFBAR comes a whole new closed pod system. This latest vaping product inherits the flagon shape, while creatively adopting removable, interchangeable prefilled pods. That's a big twist to the way that previous ELFBAR functions, or rather most disposable vapes and pod systems on the market.

LOWIT 2500 Flavours (Closed Pod System Vape)

LOWIT 5500 Flavours (Closed Pod System Vape)

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