Bomb Blue Razz by Flavour Beast Fixx 3000 Puff 8ml - Disposable Vape

Bomb Blue Razz by Flavour Beast Fixx 3000 Puff 8ml - Disposable Vape

Flavour Beast Fixx 3K

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  • Blueberry, Raspberry

Don’t be shy, come grab a handful of delicious blueberries and tangy raspberries for the ultimate berry bomb!

Flavour Beast Fixx Disposable Vape

Here comes the Flow by Flavour Beast!

The Flavour Beast Fixx E-Cig is a premium all in one disposable device, light weight, discreet, compact, and portable. No filling, and no mess. With no buttons or any confusing settings, the Flavour Best Disposable is ready to go right out of the package.

These new disposable vapes are jam packed with 8ml of e-liquid with 3000 puffs of unparalleled performance and robust flavours! For them savage vapers out there with a taste for anything sweet, the Fixx has been perfectly curated with a powerful mesh coil, and 1250 mAh battery so that you can keep vaping all day long. Taste greatness till the very last drop. Real talk. 

Go ahead, unleash the beast. We did.

Flavour Beast Fixx Disposable Vape Details:

  1. Available in 20mg, 
  2. Up to 3000 Puffs Per Device
  3. 8ml Per Device
  4. Integrated 1250mAh Battery
  5. Mesh Coil
  6. Draw Activated Fire
  7. Ultra Sweet Flavours
  8. No Charging rRequired

Flavour Beast Fixx Disposable Vape Flavours:

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