Hawaiian Ice by Vice Twist 8000 Puff 14mL - Disposable Vape

Hawaiian Ice by Vice Twist 8000 Puff 14mL - Disposable Vape DC

Vice Twist 8K

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  • Tropical Fruit Ice

A vibrant symphony of tropical and exotic fruits, blended with a cool touch of ice. 

Vice Twist Disposable Vape

Introducing the latest addition to VICE's popular range of disposable vaping products, the VICE TWIST. This cutting-edge disposable vape device showcases an innovative LED display that activates when you take a puff. It displays essential information in real-time, including the battery charge status and e-liquid levels. This ensures that you always stay informed about your device's status with each inhale, preventing any surprises such as low e-liquid levels or a depleted battery. Recharging the device is a breeze with a USB type-c cable when the battery runs low.

The VICE TWIST DISPOSABLE boasts an astonishing 8000 puffs, generously packing a 14mL e-liquid capacity and a robust 800 mAh battery, granting users extended vaping pleasure between recharges. With the built-in adjustable airflow switch, you can fine-tune your vaping experience, ensuring bold flavours and a smooth yet gratifying hit.

VICE TWIST Disposables don a sleek matte finish adorned with a mesmerizing swirl pattern, available in a vibrant spectrum of colours for each of their 17 distinct flavours, catering to diverse palates. Elevate your vaping journey with the VICE TWIST and relish unparalleled convenience and a rich array of flavour options.

Each Vice Twist Disposable Vape Includes:

  1. Available in 20mg
  2. Up to 8000 Puffs Per Device
  3. 14ml Per Device
  4. Rechargeable Battery: 800 mAh
  5. LED Screen with Battery and E-liquid Indicators
  6. Draw Activated Fire
  7. Type-C Charging Port Included
  8. Available in 17 flavours

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