Trippin' Triple Berry by Flavour Beast Beast Mode 8000 Puff 16ml - Disposable Vape

Flavour Beast Beast Mode 8K

  • C$29.99


  • Blueberry, Strawberry, Pomegranate

Let’s get trippin’ with these bright blueberries paired with a handful of juicy strawberries and the exotic taste of pomegranate. The most badass trio ever!   

Flavour Beast Beast Mode Disposable Vape

Here comes the Beast Mode by Flavour Beast!

Flavour Beast Beast Mode Disposable Vape Details:

  1. Available in 20mg, 
  2. Up to 8000 Puffs Per Device
  3. 16ml Per Device
  4. Integrated 600mAh Battery
  5. Mesh Coil
  6. Draw Activated Fire
  7. Ultra Sweet Flavours
  8. Battery and E-liquid indicator
  9. OLED Screen
  10. Adjustable Airflow
  11. 1.0 ohm
  12. 10W
  13. Beast Mode Activation (Switch between Standard Mode and Beast Mode)

What is Vape Tax? 

Excise Duty of Vaping Product

Government of Canada 

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