Wicked Wicks Cotton

Wicked Wicks Cotton

Wicked Wicks

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Organic cotton that is selected for vaping by vapers. It has a distinctive soft texture, yet strong and durable so that will not tear apart when wicking. With its fluffy nature, easily form a thick cotton through your coils without breaking apart, then easily fluff it back to even out the wick and filling up the deck of your atty. Wicking is a breeze. 

It has a high absorption rate, keeping your wicks always wet. You can see the speed of the absorption of the juice from the first drop. Without leaving behind juice on the bottom of the cotton, it will remain clean and vapeable.

Packed in re-sealable packs, 10 grams full meter rolls, you decide the length, without wasting any cotton. No cotton taste or after taste from the first builds. Test and compare for yourself and taste the difference!

1 Bag / Pakcage

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