Have you heard about Dynavap? What is Dynavap?

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There are many ways of consuming Herb: joint, water pipe, vaporizer or dabbing with a concentrate, or edible. One of the healthiest way of consuming herb is vaporizer. Today, I would like to talk about DynaVap vaporizer.

"No Battery Required!"

DynaVap is one of the unique vaporizers available in the market. I call it revolution, because it doesn't require a battery. You won't have to look for the electricity to charge your vaporizer. All you need is a torch lighter. It will work with a candle or a standard lighter but you might want a little more power than a regular lighter. I would recommend using a torch lighter: single, dual or triple. You might wonder about the power and efficiency since it doesn't have a battery; however, it works incredibly well. Like many other traditional vaporizer, maybe better in many different ways.

If you don't want to deal with butane or a torch lighter, we've got your back! Your alternative option is an induction heater, which is very easy to use and consistently heat up DynaVap vapcaps. Average heat up time for induction heater is about 4.5 to 7 seconds. One downside is that you loses the portability.

"Efficient! More Herb for the Same Cost"

Dynavap is very efficient, you can get almost 75% more from your material by switching from smoking to DynaVap! That's right! More Herb for the same cost! 

"Flavour Explosion"

You can take your terpenes to a new high with DynaVap. I don't know what others would say, but I say DynaVap taste a lot better than smoking out of bowl with combustion. 

"No Combustion, Smoke Free"

Dynavap is a conduction type of vaporizer with a little bit of convection side. It is not consider to be a combustion. When you are using Dynavap, vaporizer herb is not in direct contact with heating source, which makes it smoke free as it just vapour with no combustion. When Dynavap vapcap is heated with a lighter or triple torch, it heats up the air and hot air will heat up the herb.  This makes a little bit of convection type of a vaporizer. If you like density cloud, then it might take you a bit longer to get used it. There may be a bit of learning curve, as in some cases, a single flame torch lighter would produce more cloud than triple flame torch. Surprise! However, keep in mind that cloud density does not always equal to maximum effects. 

"Sleek, Portable"

All you need is a DynaVap and a lighter. Compact parts to carry, super portable. It's small enough to fit in your pocket so you are never without it. It is smaller than most of disposable vape pens (e-cig) that are very popular these days and very durable as there aren't many parts you can break. 

"How to Use"

1. Load your Vaporizer
2. Place Cap back on
3. Heat Cap evenly
4. Wait for the Click - "Respect the Click"
5. Draw and enjoy
6. Wait for the cool down Click
7. Reheat and Repeat or Store

Try it for yourself! 

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