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STLTH vape, a Canadian brand from Ontario, is a popular electronic cigarette with salt nicotine delivery system. Their devices are simple to use and affordable. It’s appealing to both new and experienced vapers all around.

Instead of traditional e-cig, where you had to fill up e-liquid into a cartridge or a tank, STLTH sells pods that are already pre-filled in a package. Hence, no contact of e-juice and nothing to create any mess. You simply open the box and put it in your device and you are all good to go.

Pre-filled System STLTH Huge Advantage

  • No Filling, No Mess, Simple, Easy to Use

As STLTH’s pre-filled pod system was getting their reputation in the e-cigarette market, the size of the market grew. Though STLTH and JUUL are popular these days, there was a time when JUUL dominated the closed pod devices. And no one thought anyone could catch up to them. Then STLTH came out of nowhere! Bam!

A Canadian Vape company! I have to say I was super stoked. 

When STLTH first came out, their devices and pods were available at a relatively cheaper price than Juul at the time, almost half.  STLTH devices at $20 and Juul devices at $45. What a difference in price! I think Juul definitely was overpriced. But, if we think of Juul as the Apple products in the electronic cigarette market, the exaggeration in price perhaps wasn’t too far fetched; small, sleek and was in fashion. Regardless, it was not cost friendly. Juul eventually lowered their device price down to $9.99 from $45. Insane, ain't it? That’s what competition does to prices. Awesome for users, so we will consider that a win. 

STLTH devices remained at the same price as how they started, which is AMAZING. Have I mentioned they are easy to use? Heck yes! Easy to use and affordable. Seriously, give it a try if you haven't done it already. 

Juul stopped manufacturing flavours except Mint, Virginia Tobacco and Golden Tobacco. That limits the flavours you can try. On top of that,  Juul Pods costs more than STLTH as their pods are priced at $21 for 4 pods, which contains 2.1ml of e-liquid in total. Whereas STLTH pods are $15 for 3 pods and contain 6.0ml of e-liquid in total.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Juul has a strong fan base and lots of royal customers who would only use Juul pods. I don't know what is so special about their pods but customers keep coming back for more. There must be a secret that I don’t know about and wish I knew what that is.

Juul or STLTH, regardless of which products you'd like to use, as long as it helps my customers off cigarettes, I am all for it! If you have not been successful with a closed pod system, and if you haven't tried STLTH or Juul, give these two brands a try! They are popular for a reason. 

  • Juul $1 You get 0.1ml of e-lquid vs Stlth $1 you get 0.4ml of e-liquid

Alrighty, enough with the introduction. You are probably looking for what's avin the market, so let's dive right in.

STLTH is at par with Juul, as one of the biggest competitors. These days there are a lot of STLTH compatible pods. Today, I would like to talk about what is available in the market and provide a brief introduction on those products by the following brands: STLTH, STLTH Premium, Z-Pod, Pop Hit and Savage.

Unlike e-cig hardwares, e-juice are very hard to compare one to the other. Come on, it's like asking me who makes better food, my mom or my girlfriend! All these pods taste good and have unique flavours of their own. There are literally hundreds of  flavours to choose from so if you haven't found the right one, you have plenty of others to try until you find THE one. 

STLTH line was the first available pods as we all know. STLTH Premium line pods came second, STLTH co-partnered with a popular juice company in the current market and launched this.  Both STLTH original line and Premium lines had a lot of complaints  about the "white tip" where STLTH Original Pods spits a lot. However, recently with the launch of Banana Ice flavour, STLTH changed the pod quality and it is much better now. 

STLTH basic line has 14 flavours in total now, some tobacco flavour, mint flavour, fruity flavour, fruity mint flavour, and also flavourless!  White Tip Pod

Top 5 STLTH Basic Line Flavours

  1. Honeydew Menthol 
  2. Blue Raspberry
  3. Berry Blast
  4. Frost
  5. Tundra Berry

💜Available at Vapingstory and Smoke Inc. => STLTH Basic Lines ──💭

STLTH Premium line has 41 flavours in total, some tobacco flavour, mint flavour, fruity flavour, fruity mint flavour.  White Tip Pod

Top 5 STLTH Premium Line Flavours

  1. Lemon Drop: Pink - Lemonade
  2. Raspberry Sour Apple
  3. Lemon Drop: Punch - Fruit Punch Lemonade
  4. Helen's Melons - Watermelon Candy
  5. Lemon Ice - Lemon Lime Ice

💜Available at Vapingstory and Smoke Inc. => STLTH Premium Lines ──💭

Z-Pod probably is the 2nd, but close to 1st, favoured pods by our customers. They have over 90 flavours. We, Vapingstory and Smoke Inc., carry most of these flavours. 😄  I find a lot of Z pod users like how it hits smoother than STLTH. If you are looking for a bit less harsh hit than original STLTH or premium STLTH pod, you should give these guys a try. Color Tip Pods

Top 5 Z-Pod Flavours

  1. NRG - Energy Drink
  2. Gummy Bear Ice
  3. Sour Green Apple Lemonade
  4. Banana
  5. Peach Lemonade Limited Edition

💜Available at Vapingstory and Smoke Inc. => Z-Pods ──💭

Pop Hit was brought by one of the first famous starters of disposable  companies, the Pop! Pop brought their most popular disposable flavours into STLTH compatible pod, "Pop Hit." Users find that Pop Hit has a bit stronger hit than Original STLTH. If you miss Pop disposable flavours or looking for a little more stronger hit than original STLTH then you should try this! Color Tip Pods

Top 5 Pop Hit Flavours

  1. Creamy Peach Ice
  2. Blue Raz
  3. Grape Rush
  4. Chilled Strawberry Pom
  5. Blackberry Lemonade

💜Available at Vapingstory and Smoke Inc. => POP HITS ──💭

Last but least, Savage! Savage line is the newest STLTH pod to Vapingstory and Smoke. It is quite new to give a thorough review; however, some feedback we have received was that it hits very strong! I think Savage hits a little more than Pop Hits. If you are looking for the flavour and harsher hit! Then this is for you! Color Tip Pods

Top 5 Savage Flavours

  1. Strawnana - Strawberry & Banana
  2. Rocket - Red, White & Blue Iced Popsicle
  3. Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon
  4. Mango Peach Pineapple
  5. Power - Sweet & Sour Oomph

💜Available at Vapingstory and Smoke Inc. => STLTH SAVAGE LINE ──💭

These are all my subjective opinions and I want to hear about yours! You know it! Your favourite Ottawa local vape shop, Vapingstory and Smoke carries all STLTH, STLTH Premium, Savage, Pop Hit, and Z-Pod brands. Come and try it! 

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