*COVID 19 UPDATES - FEB 13 2021

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We've got a good news everyone! 

In December 2020, new daily Covid-19 cases were reaching 6000 and was rapidly increasing, which resulted a lockdown in Ottawa area. As a result, non-essential business were closed or only allowed to provide curb side pick up. Many of you had to wait in line feeling all the winter breeze piercing through your bones, just to shop at your favourite vape shop. What a nightmare! I think vaping should also be essential, don't you?

After the highest daily new cases of 9213 on Jan 8th 2021, the numbers finally started to drop. On Feb 11, 2021 we were at 3,174. Good job everybody. We are almost there. Let's keep this up- 

In Ottawa, on Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2021 after 52 days of Ottawa and eastern Ontario moved into lockdown, restaurants, non-essential businesses and gyms will be allowed to reopen for in-person services. And YES, this includes Vape Shops! We can finally OPEN!!! 

Vapingstory and Smoke Inc, your favourite Ottawa local Vape Shop, will resume in-store operation on Tuesday, Feb 16th. Curb-Side pick up option will remain available for customers. We missed seeing you guys a ton, especially to be able to show products in person and share knowledge as that is what we enjoy the most. 

We have come a long way to get a bit of breathing room to re-open. Let's do what we can to help reduce the daily cases. Please help us to keep our door open by following some Covid-19 public health protocols to stop the spread of the virus. Keep the social distance (minimum 2 Meter), wear a mask and limit social gatherings to your own household.

Drinking and eating are not allowed inside the store. Masks are to be worn inside the store and this is a MUST. We would love to see your smiles but not quite there yet.

Don't wait in-line out in the cold no more! Shop in-store at your friendliest local vape shop, Vapingstory. We hope to see you soon! 

Yes! On Feb 16h, We resume In-Store Shopping. ✓ 

Yes! We still do Curb Side Pick Up. 

Yes! We still do Same Day Delivery in Ottawa/Gatineau area. 

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