Nic-Cap. Say No!

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Nic Cap. Say No. Flavour Restriction. Say No.


Dear Valued Customers,

On December 19, 2020, the federal government released the Canada Gazette, Part 1, which proposes nicotine limit of 20mg/mL. If this were to become law, other restrictions and limitations may follow, which may include the decrease number of flavours being offered.

Cigarette smoking is bad for you, we know this. Vaping is safer and less harmful than smoking, which is why many people made the switch. Aside from it being less harmful, there are multiple flavours to choose from and different levels of nicotine strengths to meet your needs. Furthermore, my favourite benefit, I don't stink! But with the limit on the nicotine level, some of us may be forced back into that awful habit. I do not want to and I hope you guys don't either. 

Have your voice heard.

Visit the website and click "Have Your Say" to have your voice heard by your MP.

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