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Ghost & Allo brands are one of the best selling disposable vape pen in the market. After successful launch of Ghost XL & Allo Ultra disposable vape, Allo launched Allo 1500 with ~1500 puffs, but Ghost was a little behind. Long wait for Ghost disposable fans are over now.

As of Feb 9th, Ghost just released their 3rd line, Ghost Max. I think it was worth the wait. Ghost's entire line of 16 flavours are available in Ghost Max line. New Ghost Max has almost twice bigger battery (1050mAh) & E-Liquid capacity (6ml) than Ghost XL, but it feels like the same weight. It is still portable, compact, and pocket friendly! 

Ghost Max's biggest newly added feature is air-flow control! This is a pretty new feature in disposable vapes, but it has been widely used in traditional vape devices where you can fill your own E-Juices. With adjustable airflow, you can experience different way of vaping within the same device. Increase in airflow you will have less flavour, less harsh throat kick, and more vapor. On the other hand, decreased airflow, you will have more flavour, more harsh throat kick, and less vapor. I generally like tighter, restricted air flow with hotter, better taste and more throat kick. 

Ghost Max released nicotine strength 20mg, 50mg, and 35mg will be coming out soon. Ghost Max has better value than Allo 1500 since both lines has same retail price $19.99. The battery has quite the difference as the Ghost Max has  2000mAh versus Allo has 1500mAh. Does Ghost have better taste than Allo? Find out yourself! My favourite flavours are Strawberry Banana & Strawberry Kiwi! What is yours? 

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