*NEW* Z-Pod Flavour - Peach T, Lemon T, Root

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Z-Pod Peach T, Lemon T, Root


Something new dropped from ZLAP! Zlap started gaining their reputation in the e-cig (electronic cigarette) industry with products that are compatible to Juul Pods. There are multiple brands that are compatible with Juul; however, Zlap was one of the most successful company. I believe key for their success was product quality control. Unlike other brands, Zlap products works well with Juul and Stlth as they do not have leakage or connectivity issues with their devices.

Zlap already has 66 flavours and as if that wasn't enough, they now have 3 more flavour, that is total of 69 flavours! They sure know how to keep their customers happy. Zlap's new flavour keep things interesting for their customers and poke peoples' curiosity. 

A few of my favourites are: NRG (energy drink), Gummy bear ice, Blue lemon, Cotton fluff, Vanilla sky. If these three new flavours are anywhere close to these flavour, then it will be a hit.

Zlap has some drink flavour pods but tea flavours are new for them. Super psyched to try these! 

Peach tea is like peach iced tea. Lemon tea is like lemon iced tea. And Rootbeer is like Rootbeer iced tea... just kidding! Rootbeer is like plain Rootbeer flavour. 

"We work hard to develop a range of premium flavors and products that delight our customers, and help them in their journey to giving up smoking. "

- Zlap

Z-Pod Peach T, Lemon T, Root

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