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Stlth Pod Savage


HELLO!!!  8 more flavours available for Stlth devices. Flavours just keeps coming! I know electronic cigarette market has been one of the fastest growing industry and it is constantly changing. It is one of the most recognized life changing revolution, but omg.. in a good way, looks like we won't run out of flavours any time soon.

Have you been having hard time finding the right flavour for you? Well, I am sure there's gotta be one coming  soon, if not one of these new flavours. 

When I first heard about Savage line in Stlth Pre-filled (closed pod system), I thought this line is from one of our best selling e juice line Koil Killaz because they have top selling flavour called the "Savage". I got super excited. I was like "Wow! It's about time Koil Killaz maybe co partner with Stlth." I don't know if that's true but one thing that's true is both of them have same flavour profile: "Savage" in Koil killa and Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon in Savage line. Savage line is made exclusively made for Stlth. 

Strawberry banana has been one of the most popular mixture from the beginning of e cig revolution. Red, white, blue iced has been fan favourite popsicle flavour. Who doesn't like popsicles? Power sweet & sour can't go wrong when you want some spicy.

All other flavours sounds amazing as well, Blood orange ice, Grape apple ice, Lemon lime banana and Mango peach pineapple.

Now Vapingstory carries all 8 Savage flavours for Stlth at 20mg, 35mg, 50mg Nicotine level. 

Blood Orange Ice - Juicy blood orange with a cool exhale.

Grape Apple Ice - Sweet grape and sour green apples blended over ice with a frosty finish.

Lemon Lime Banana - Tangy lemon lime blended with sweet and ripe bananas.

Mango Peach Pineapple - Ripe mangoes accented with notes of juicy peach and zesty pineapple.

Power - Sweet and sour oomph to keep you going all day.

Rocket - Red, white and blue iced to perfection.

Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon - A delicious blend of ripe strawberries, kiwi, and juicy watermelon.

Strawnana - A classic sweet strawberry and banana blend.

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